About ‘I Think We Might Make It This Time’

‘Stephen Frost Thinks We Might Make It…it’s a louder track but still just as good.’
RVA Playlist. (VA) 12 Mar 2013

About ‘All The Lovely Things’

‘Playful. Cabaret. Whistling. Tap-dancing. FRENCH. This is the song they played in the saloon from the MJ/McCartney video for “Say, Say, Say” after Michael, Paul and Linda continued on their quack-journey. My favorite track so far. Good job, kid.’
ilikethesoundofit. (MA) 26 Feb 2013

‘Two months into the new year, Stephen Frost, who performs with various local musicians such as the Led Zeppelin tribute band Led Zepplica, released two new singles entitled “Age of Gold” and “Wimyn Redux.” He is also working on what he calls the “Paris Metro Project.” He plans to record and release a new song every few weeks, which will be available for free through his website.’
Style Weekly (VA) 26 Feb 2013

‘Stephen Frost is on a roll with his new songs lately.’
RVA Playlist. (VA) 16 Feb 2013

About ‘Wimyn Redux’

YHT: As a fan of The Graduate, I’m dying to know what inspired you to include clips from that particular film in the teaser video. Is there something about that moment in which Ben bangs his head on the wall that strikes a chord with you?
SF: Haha! That’s right after he tries the ol’ boob-grab while she’s undressing, and she doesn’t react, and all at once it hits you that we have no idea what we’re doing. I mean, that sums up this project. And me in music. And my whole life. Everything I do is me gently clutching the clothed breast of an older woman and hoping for magic.
Read the Full Interview in You Hear That?! (VA) 5 Feb 2013

‘Wimyn Redux” is way different than the other stuff you’ve heard.’
RVA Playlist. (VA) 29 Jan 2013
‘“Wimyn Redux” is a glitch rock song that involves industrial and house elements. His vocals are highly distorted to an other-worldly proportion. He even makes use of breathing as a noise. In short, the track sounds like Nine Inch Nails on meth.’
Sounds of RVA. (VA) 28 Jan 2013
About ‘Age of Gold’

‘There’s a little Sean Lennon in there, some classic old-fashioned-y pop. I’m just waiting for some Phil Spector Wall of Sound production to make it a classic.’
ilikethesoundofit. (MA) 1 Feb 2013
‘Singer/songwriter Stephen Frost (Zep Replica, pictured below, right) has released a brand new track, and it takes the listener through many surprises. What begins as a simple pop track with a Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood intro shifts to a more complicated arrangement. Snapping fingers join the piano before the song adds a little more punching percussion and jazzy piano accents. The whole song feels a little like a Paul McCartney song in a “Martha My Dear” sort of way. The song finally goes into a little salsa bit to close out the track. . . Keep your eyes and ears open for what’s next from Frost.’
Sounds of RVA. (VA) 5 Jan 2013
‘. . . the lyrics do an incredible job capturing the transitory nature of getting to know someone, by mentioning the weather, the season, and by memorializing individual utterances . . . Before hearing this song, I don’t know that I’d given much thought to how the words that people speak to us on a daily basis appear and disappear, irreversibly altering your future with those people, while at the same time drifting off into oblivion, never to be heard again. . . It’s an incredible idea, and it reaffirms just how powerful music can be. We may not know everything that was said about Antonin Artaud, but a piece of that conversation will echo for all eternity. . . I suggest you go ahead and listen to “Age Of Gold” immediately. . . and join me in hoping that the time between now and when we hear another Stephen Frost track is as momentary as possible.’
You Hear That?! (VA) 7 Jan 2013
About ‘Young Blood’

“…magnificent rendition by Stephen Frost. Frost recently has been writing music for theatre, but is now making his return to song writing. . . His cover of this gorgeous song does it great justice. Frost gives it a great blend of soft melodies and out of nowhere turns up the distortion and really kicks the song in to third gear.”
Buffablog. (NY) 2 Feb 2011.
Featured by WOW People Magazine. (Aus) 11 Jan 2011
In “Artists to Keep an Eye on in 2011″ – “Stephen Frost recently moved back to Richmond after writing music for theater and is currently breaking back into the music scene. He recently formed the Led Zeppelin tribute band Led Zepplica and his cover of The Naked and Famous’ “Young Blood” was catchy as hell. He’s working on new material and it will be interesting to see what develops.”
RVA Playlist, 30 Dec 2010
“Man…this is awesome!”
We Can All Be Tontos. 9 Aug 2010.
“Your The Naked & Famous cover is kinda sweet”
Coup de Main. (NZ) 9 Aug 2010.
“Cute cover of The Naked and Famous’ ‘Young Blood’. You know you’ve made it when an American indie kid covers your tune.”
Jane Yee. (NZ)
Other Writings

“His music is some of the most unconventional and intriguing stuff I’ve heard in the longest time. I’m honestly surprised to see him at an event at a place like the Coliseum, but good to know he’s still making good music.”
RVA Playlist. (VA) 17 June 2010
“Stephen Frost provides an almost cinematic musical score that, in keeping with Fernandez’s approach, sounds at times like the soundtrack of a Hollywood movie.”
Alexandria Gazette. (VA) 23 July 2009
“Stephen Frost has written some very cool music for the play, which starts as soon as the house opens.”
DC Theatre Scene. (DC) 19 July 19
“Vivid, intimate, visually arresting…it’s underscored by Stephen Frost’s original music.”
The Daily Herald. (Chicago)
“The weird and wonderful soundtrack…instantly transports you to the many circles of Hell Dante wades through.”
Windy City Times. (Chicago) 18 June 2008
“[Allen Sleeman, Charles Glenn, and Stephen Frost] put on a great show last Friday night. Its hour-long set . . . was absolutely fantastic. Probably the most talented young musicians in the area.”
Richmond Times-Dispatch. (review by Tommy Siegel, of Jukebox the Ghost)

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